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It's movement that enables us to interact with our surroundings and therefore empowers us to fulfill our individual potentials. No matter how small it may appear, movement is always of incalculable value.

That is what inspires me to do what I do.


As a physiotherapist in the PHYSIO-BOX, a group practice at the Augarten in Vienna, I want to support people in enhancing restricted abilities for movement and action so they can fulfill their life according to their own wishes. In conjunction with the affected person I search for individual reasons and influencing factors in order to find useful and practicable approaches to a solution of their problems. To cover those problems as accurately and sustainable as possible the bio-psycho-social model is of central importance to my work. In other words, I try to not just look at the body but also incorporate all other factors of life into the process.

...and the Art of Motion.

Part of my physiotherapeutic work is to motivate people to a reasonable amount of movement. For me, the photos on this website and the project "MONFACT" are an extension to this quest. My aim is to throw the spotlight on the aesthetics and creativity of athletic activity and hence whet people's appetite for movement.

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