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Growing up in a small village in Lower Austria movement has been a vital part of my life since the days of my childhood. From skateboarding to climbing, mountainbiking and snowboarding, from an early age it have been "creative" forms of sports in nature that have mesmerized me. Since those days the passion for movement and the creativity it contains is what motivates me to move. This passion is also what brought me to my profession as a physiotherapist and my creative pursuit with the topic through photography. With both activities I try to motivate others to move.

In the field of physiotherapy I focus on the treatment of pain and restrictions of range of motion and function of the body in the areas of orthopedics, traumatology and sports medicine (especially regarding the spine, shoulder, ellbow, hip, knee and ankle). In my work I incorporate manual, myofascial and training methods.

Everything in life is in constant change and diversification, my skills and knowledge too. Here is a list of my subject-specific qualifications so far:

2004 A-levels Bundesgymnasium Amstetten

2006-2009 Bachelor degree course "Physiotherapy", FH St. Pölten, incl. semester abroad in Porto, Portugal

2009 Kinesio-Taping

2010 Therapeutic Climbing

2011-2012 Spiraldynamik basic course

2012-2013 Trigger point therapy IMTT

2013-2018 "Klinisches Patientenmanagement"

Since February 2019 master course at the university of Salzburg „Master of Science in Sports Physiotherapy“

Organisational work and lecturing at the interdisciplinary climbing symposium "Rock on" 2017 in Vienna.

Member of Physio Austria.

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